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MICE Organizing


MICE Project Planning and Operation

The MICEter Co., Ltd. Takes charge of MICE projects with the owner's consciousness.
Covering all aspects of every project in an efficient manner.

Superior A to Z MICE Organizing! Planning and Financial Management

We cover all aspects such as: Master Plans, Document Preparation / Writing / Reporting, all Events and Detailed Programs, Date and Time Planning / Contracts, Invited Speaker Proposals, Session Assignments, Budget Bill Preparation, Support Fund Proposal, Income Expenditure Account Balance Management, Budget Execution, Settlement Organization, and Material Submissions.

Participant Management and Protocols

Participant Reservations, Care of VIP Participants On-site as well as Before the Conference, Operation of On-site Registration Desk and Payment Receipts, Transportation and Tour Planning/Operation, Participation Survey of Satisfaction and Letter of Appreciation.

In Terms of Promotions

Site Management such as Planning / Publication of Pre-promotional Prints, Program Book / Proceedings / Directory Book / Name Tag, etc., Building/Managing Website for MICE Events, Building/Managing Mobile Applications, E-Newsletter Production/Dispatching, Poster / Call for Papers / Announcement Printed Material Planning / Publishing.

Promotion of exhibition and official / social events

Selection and Contract of Exhibition Hall, Establishment of Database of Exhibitors and Bring in Telemarketers/Visitors / Visiting Participants, Composition of Exhibition Space Layout, Management of Booth Participation Fee, Basic and Independent Booth Design/Construction, Establishment of Food and Beverage Plan and Detailed Planning, Advance Tasting, Control and On-site Quality Control.

Conference Production and On-Site Presentations

Establishment/Operation of Major Event Space Including Opening Ceremony Meeting / Meeting Place, Participation of Specialist Manpower and Operating Personnel, Arrangement/Operation of Participants, Establishment/Operation of Additional Space such as on-site Secretariats, Confirmation of Operation Items such as Registration/(Insurance, etc.) and Cooperation with Related Organizations such as Medical / Police / Fire Department / Food

Post-Conference Preparations

Record Conference Video as well as Edit / All Aspects of Camera Work such as Recorded Video / Photo / Transcript, Satisfaction Survey Results, DB Statistical Reports, Website Updates and a Letter of Thanks, Report of Conclusions, Income and Expenses